What is Fyrabend anyway?
Fyrabend is a mobile app for iOS and Android mobile phones. It is primarily designed to put people in touch with other users based on their current availability to set up a physical meeting.

How can I get Fyrabend?
You can easily download the app for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

How do I best start using Fyrabend?
Well, first of all, you need to register. This is completely free and done in a few minutes. Then you enter your current availability. This consists of your location, the time period during which you are available and optionally what you’d be up to. You will then see a list of other users whose availabilities overlap with yours. You can view their profiles and, if you wish, get in touch with them via the integrated chat.

What can I do if I run into a problem?
Please contact us anytime if you need help using Fyrabend or run into a problem. You can reach out to us via email at hello@fyrabend.app or Instagram-DM at https://instagram.com/fyrabend.app.

Is Fyrabend about dating?
No, Fyrabend explicitly differentiates itself from dating apps. Fyrabend lives from and through its diverse community and we do everything we can to keep it that way. Your gender, relationship status, or similar information does not matter on Fyrabend.

What can I do if I notice other users negatively?
We would like to actively encourage you to tell us about it. You always have the opportunity to report other users and can also tell us what made you feel uncomfortable. We will then take care of it immediately. In addition, you also have the option to block individual users.