User groups
You travel alone, whether for business or pleasure.
You are new to a city or country.
You want to meet new people around you.
Fyrabend principles
Fyrabend is not a dating app. Fyrabend is about meeting the most diverse people. Regardless of gender, relationship status or similar information.
Fyrabend is an active community. Fyrabend is designed to provide a consistently positive experience for everyone. Fyrabend users actively contribute to making the app a welcoming place for all.
Fyrabend values respectful interaction. Bullying, hate, and other inappropriate behavior have no place on Fyrabend. Violations may result in blocking, reporting, or suspension.
This is how it works
On Fyrabend it is primarily your availability that counts. You see only those people who are available at a similar time as yourself in your area.

Fyrabend makes it as easy and uncomplicated as never before to use free time to meet new people.
1. Set your availability First set your current availability. This consists of your current location and from when to when you'd be free to meet. Optionally, you can also specify what you are up to.
2. Show available users You will see a list of users whose availability overlaps with your own. These are sorted in ascending order of distance.
3. View profile You can view each user's profile to get a better picture of him or her.
4. Send an initial message If you like one of the users, you can send him or her an initial message. Attention: the chat is only open in both directions as soon as you have received an answer to your first message.
5. Arrange to meet Once you've received a reply to your initial message, you can chat at your convenience and arrange a meeting based on your availabilities.
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